Remuneration guide

  • Everything about the unique StandUp plan
  • Why and how each remuneration works
  • How to build the best compensation

Welcome 🙂
The compensation plan offered by StandUp is a totally tailor-made plan, and to our knowledge the first offering a network compensation calculated 100% on a turnover, and not on "levels".
This most likely makes this plan one of the highest paying and most solid currently.

Reminder of the strong points

StandUp compensation: strengths

  • 6 sources of remuneration
  • Quick income possible, long term, accessible to all
  • First incomes with E-commerce potential, without E-commerce constraints
  • Additional to ambitious income
  • Fair and equitable compensation
  • Visibility & transparency
  • First Guarantee MAXIMUM Remuneration
Each element of this plan has been drawn up to reward sales development as much as the network, performance as well as perseverance, and all the actions making it possible to succeed and perpetuate its activity.
This guide provides all the explanations to help you make the best of this plan an ally of your success.


6 sources of income:

4 Remuneration + 2 Bonuses



25 to 45%

sales volumes
  • Some of the highest compensation currently
  • Included Recurring compensation
  • Compensation without compulsory stock to build up
  • First E-commerce & Direct Sales Compensation

90 Bonus

150 €

on the first 90 days
  • Help the best start of the first 90 days
  • Laying the solid foundation
  • Reward action

BASE Development

1,5 to 7%

based on your network business volume
  • Increase revenues on first monthly volumes
  • "Boost" for the start of network development
  • Help with persistence

Start-up Team



on first team volumes
  • Remunerates the support of new partners
  • Reward support for a good start
  • Reward persistence in support

of construction


€ 50 / month

  • Calculation method (filed) to accelerate your income
  • Allows you to make a living from your activity as quickly as possible
  • Rewards balanced construction
  • Accelerated income possible up to € 50 / month!

TOP Development

1,25 to 2%

Unlimited up to MAX guarantee
on your overall business volume!
  • Rewards development work over time
  • Exceptional income possible
  • Potentially unlimited compensation!

MAXIMUM Compensation Guarantee


60% total donated!

  • StandUp undertakes to donate up to 60% of the overall business volume for remuneration!
  • First warranty of this type
  • Your unlimited remuneration up to a total of 60% transferred to your network!

Note: the compensation offered by StandUp is compensation calculated on the turnover produced by a member.
In no case, these remunerations can not be considered as a salary, and are always the fruit of real work.
The possible gains depend on many factors, such as involvement in your StandUp business, your capacity in development, etc.

Good luck to you!

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  • Remuneration of Sales
  • 90 Bonus
  • #2 list item
  • #3 list item
StandUp compensation guide
  • LP: Liberty Points

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation.


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