New Generation Collaborative Marketing

The success of a product or service has always been conditioned by the "promotion" made of it by the consumer public, i.e. US.

With the advent of new internet technologies, and social networks, this has become even more true. We like, we share, etc...

In addition, it is now possible to "measure" everyone's contributions to a success.

Millions of sites, blogs, etc in the world, earn money with their banners, links, etc. : this is affiliate marketing.

StandUp has taken up the basics of direct marketing and web marketing (affiliate) to offer a program of Collaborative Marketing new generation.

StandUp members are primarily consumers and users of StandUp products and services. They can share their experience directly with others and help them benefit from it, help them, etc.: this is direct marketing.

By combining the best affiliate technologies, through a specific program, StandUp has created the New Generation Collaborative Marketing.

Through this program, StandUp members create human-centric value every day. Everyone is free and can contribute as they wish according to their personal objectives.